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Harveys Builders Ltd provide Planning and Design for your heating installation, from solid fuel, oil, wood burners, to gas or oil fired central heating systems. Our experienced and qualified fitters strive to achieve the highest level of excellence in the planning, installation and commissioning of your heating system.

Harveys Builders Ltd supply the following products and services:

o     Servicing

o     Maintenance

o     Installing boilers

o     Central heating & boiler problems

o     Warm air systems

o     Floor & ceiling heating systems

o     Storage heaters & towel rails

o     Tanks & radiators

Principally radiators are convector heaters which extract heat from the water and pass it out into their respective rooms.

Central heating works by the hot water emitting heat to the outer casing of the radiator. This warms up the air touching the casing and causes it to rise to the ceiling.

This then allows cooler air to flow around the appliance and warm up and then rise to the ceiling as well. The previous air by now has cooled down and starts to sink back to the floor to be warmed up. This therefore creates a gentle circulatory motion of air currents, gradually increasing the temperature in the room to the desired temperature

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