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Gutter Cleaning

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Gutter Cleaning

Harveys Builders Ltd offer a gutter maintenance cleaning and repair service. Using a special extendable camera mounted survey pole system alongside the cleaning pole system we are able to take photographs or record the cleaning carried out to the gutters, footage can also be recorded and viewed in real time to provide evidence for facilities manager’s, insurers, surveyors and property owners etc.

The special vacuum system can also be used to clean and inspect high beams and ledges. Blocked gutters can cause serious and expensive water damage, mould growth and damp ingress to properties.

Harveys Builders Ltd recommend regular gutter cleaning, playing a vital role in the maintenance and protection of a building.

Gutters are part of the rain water drainage system that helps to prevent:

o     Soffit and fascia rot.

o     Spalling brickwork.

o     Internal water damage.

o     Internal damp and mould growth and a

host of other potentially costly and time consuming damage.

Regular maintenance considerably reduces these risks. Our gutter cleaning includes:

o     A full and thorough clean of the gutter


o     An efficiency test to ensure everything

works correctly.

o     Minor repairs carried out such as gutter

re-clipping as part of the cleaning service.

o     A detailed report of problems found and

a full free quotation for the repairs.

o     On request a picture or video footage of

your gutter system before and after

All work guaranteed by Harveys Builders Ltd
Medway Fair Trader
Federation of Master Builders
Safe Contractor

Our unique system for cleaning high level gutters considerably reduces the health and safety risks and costs associated with this work. Our team of engineers can now access difficult and high risk areas without the need for expensive access equipment. The camera system can also be used for high level inspection of roofs or other difficult to reach areas, saving the need for mobile platforms, scaffolding and ladders. We are dedicated to provide a professional, safe, environmentally friendly, high quality and cost effective service. Our gutter vacuum cleaning system can reach heights of 50 feet from the ground. Risk assessments and method statements are available on request. All our engineers are fully trained and insured.

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