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Harveys Builders Ltd experienced, qualified bricklayers will build strong and stable structures from single wall projects, extensions through to the larger new build developments, using only the highest quality materials to produce first class brickwork.

Harveys Builders Ltd supply the following products and services:

o     Extensions and conservatories

o     Solid walls, cavity walls, internal walls

o     Arches

o     Driveways, garages and garden patios

iStock_000007665940Small brickwork

o     Installing lintels and beams

o     Floors and foundations

o     New walls

o     Repairing walls

o     Barn conversions

o     Foundations

o     Chimney stack repairs

o     Building new homes

o     House building

Brickwork is produced when a bricklayer uses bricks and mortar to build structures such as walls, chimneys and bridges.
Brickwork is probably the defining component of our British urban landscape - and it’s skilled bricklayers that bring bricks alive.

These are the different brickwork designs you can choose from:

Stretcher Bond

This is ‘Stretcher bond’ and it is the commonest bond used today and the least interesting in appearance. It can be made even more interesting by laying a course of different coloured bricks.

English Bond

This is ‘English bond’ and consists of alternating courses of headers and stretchers. The alternative headers are centred over and under the vertical joints of the stretchers bond.

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Federation of Master Builders
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Flemish Bond

This is ‘Flemish bond’ which is also known as Dutch bond. This is a very decorative bond, and for this reason was used extensively to build houses until the introduction of cavity walls. It is created by alternately laying headers and stretchers in a single course. The next course is laid so that a header lies in the middle of the stretcher in the course below.

Rat-Trap or Chinese Bond

This is ‘Rat-trap bond’ which is also known as Chinese bond. Usually associated to garden walls in which the stretchers and headers are laid on their sides, with the base of the stretcher facing outwards. This gives a wall with an internal cavity bridged by the headers, hence the name. This bond is very economical as it uses fewer bricks than other bonds and the cavity produced when using the Rat trap bond allows for good air circulation.

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